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I’m Irit and the proud mother of Nina the dog, Mia and Leni.

I’m also a doctor and in my free time I love to write and draw.
This project is inspired by real life events with my family.

Nina was adopted as a puppy with a heart disease.

My first book, “Nina’s Heart,” depicts her journey coping with disease.

It is a story full of love and hope.
In the second book, “Nina and Her Little Sister,“ Nina grapples with the birth of my daughter, Mia, and how it feels not to be the only child anymore.

In all my books, I write from personal experience as a doctor and a mother to describe Nina, the way i believe she sees life, and how she deals with it’s many challenges and celebrations.

It is my hope that children will connect with these stories as they journey through their own challenges in life.

My dream is that the experiences of my loving family will help children, especially those suffering from disease and those who feel different somehow, to feel better, special and understood.

Here is a taste from “Nina and Her Little Sister”:

Then one night Mom and Dad left the house super-rushed,

“Why was Mommy’s face all excited and flushed?!”

Nina stayed home alone, worried and sad.

“What if something has happened? What if it’s something bad?”

Grandpa came to play, feed and give medication,

But Nina remained by the door in anticipation.

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